Monday, February 19, 2007


The Senate and House of Representatives – under Democrat control – seem to exist for one purpose --- to debate and pass meaningless resolutions relating to the Iraqi front on the war on Islamic fascism (sometimes called by those who haven't thought it out the "war on terror.").

OK .. enough. This "non-binding" resolution is getting a bit wearisome. If you peace-at-any-price Democrats and RINOS are so determined to undercut and weaken President Bush in his attempts to bring the war in Iraq to a successful conclusion .. why not just do away with your non-binding rhetoric and take a real stand!

Cut the funding for the war!

Come on .. .just do it! You've been waving your "Bush lied, people died" flags for years now. You've been lighting your candles at the altar of while dreaming of a Barbra Streisand – Susan Sarandon threesome ... just get it done! No more non-binding this, that and the other thing. If you're so damned sure that everything would be just fine if we would just get out of Iraq right now ... vote to cut the funding! The Constitution gives you control over the purse strings ... stand up for your convictions and exercise that control!

And as for you, Hillary ... time to show that you can be a leader. You want the troops out .. and you're saying that if you were president they would be coming home, right? OK ... then show some leadership in the Senate and announce that you're ready to vote ... right NOW ... for legislation that would end all funding for the war in Iraq in 90 days, except for funding directly related to withdrawing our troops and materials. Show you're a leader, Ms. Rodham .. not just a talker.

And just why won't the Democrats take this tact? Because they know that once again they would vividly illustrate to the American people that they are, have been, and will be weak on defense.

When Hillary wins and the Democrats increase their measure of control in the congress .. will things change? When the chips are down will they really send the unmistakable signal to the wonderful world of the Islamic Jihad that the U.S. no longer has the will to fight?
Looks like we're going to find out.

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