Tuesday, February 27, 2007


It has been discovered that Al Gore's Nashville-area mansion has 20 rooms, eight bathrooms and uses more electricity in one month than the average house uses in a year. A group called the Tennessee Center For Policy Research has gotten its hands on some of Al's gas and electric bills for 2006, and it's not pretty. I guess that's what you call "an inconvenient truth." I suppose this falls underneath the category of do as I say, but not as I do. Is there an Oscar for that? Maybe Al Gore will win that one next year.

This has always been the problem when it comes to the holier-than-thou leftist environmentalists. Al Gore will stand up there and tell you America is destroying the planet, thanks to greenhouse gases. We're supposed to feel guilty for driving our cars, using too much electricity and the like. And after he's done lecturing us all, Al gets onto his private jet, burns up the jet fuel back to Nashville where he goes back to his mansion. But back to Al's energy bill.

It's also come out that on average in 2006, Al Gore paid $1,359 a month in electricity...twice in one month what that average household uses in a year. And natural gas? Gore used plenty of that, too...$1,080 a month, on average. Remember ... for most of those months Al wasn't even there! So what's the problem with all this? Well, nothing really.

Al Gore is rich...he's entitled to buy his house and use as much electricity and natural gas as he can afford. But so is everybody else. So maybe the next time Gore gets up onto his soapbox and starts lecturing the public, somebody will call him out. Maybe.

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