Thursday, February 08, 2007


Well, it turns out Nancy Pelosi has been limited in her jet size request by the Department of Defense. They aren't giving her as big of a plane as she requested. She went on Greta Van Sustern's show yesterday to defend herself, saying the transportation wasn't her idea and she was willing to fly commercial. But she did keep saying she didn't blame the president. Evidently he told her personally that he would get her whatever she needed for her security.

The official word from the Pentagon on the issue is that Pelosi will get the same thing her predecessor got...a smaller commuter jet, one that will require refueling between D.C. and San Francisco. Nancy is not happy about this. She was really looking for a non-stop solution. And that's not all, the military will also be monitoring who gets to fly home with The Speaker at taxpayer's expense. So much for the friends and family package, huh?

On Fox News yesterday, Pelosi said she would be willing to fly commercial. Why not hold her to that? After all, if she doesn't like the arrangements being provided by the military, she could always hop on a non-stop flight from Reagan National home.

As one congressional source put it, "non-stop service is not guaranteed." Priceless.

I do want some credit here for not making any broom references.

Wait a minute .. .I just made a broom reference, didn't I?

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