Sunday, February 18, 2007


by Clint Johnson

Courtesy, especially to women, is a Southern virtue. But you know that every real Southern gentleman and good ole boy must shake his head when he sees Hillary. And he sure must pity poor, old Bubba Bill, who made one heckuva big mistake when he went up North and got stuck on the girl with the brains and the glasses.

Hillary is the sort of bossy boots Yankee that has riled up Southerners ever since there's been a North and a South. In previous eras she would have been a Puritan, then an abolitionist, then a suffragette and a feminist.

Now, I'm not saying all those things are necessarily or wholly bad, but Hillary's never met a law or a federal regulation she didn't like, or an aspect of American life she wouldn't like to meddle with. She thinks it's her and the government's business to tell us all how to live our lives. She thinks it takes a village -- or the government -- to raise our kids, while most of us think we do pretty well on our own. And we think it's pretty rich that Hillary can presume to tell us all what to do -- and criticize President Bush for not getting our intelligence right on Iraq -- when she couldn't even manage her husband, and didn't have wits enough, or so she claims, to know about her husband's affairs.

Bubba Bill knew better than to marry a Southern belle; our girls are smarter than that.

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