Thursday, March 22, 2007



At the Goracle hearing, Sen. Barbara Boxer cattily lorded her power over Sen. James Inhofe during Inhofe's questioning.


(After Boxer squabbles about the length of Inhofe's questions to Gore...)

Inhofe: Why don't we do this? At the end, you can have as much time as you want to answer all of the questions...

Boxer: No, that isn't the rule. You're not making the rules. You used to when you had this (holding up the gavel). You don't do this anymore. Elections have consequences. (Audience cheers)

Now, it's one thing for the audience to cheer.

But CNN anchor Don Lemon couldn't help chiming in, too (click to watch):


Reported Lemon: "Good for her."


Despite Boxer's valiant attempts to cover for Gore, she couldn't save him from revealing his "Do As I Say" stripes. Here's the vid of Gore refusing to take an energy ethics pledge.

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