Monday, March 26, 2007


Iran continues to play games regarding these British sailors they took hostage in Iraqi waters the other day. These were our allies operating in a war led by the United States. Is it time for a showdown? Is it time for Bush should give Tehran 24 hours to return them without a scratch...or else?

The Islamic fascists are going to continue to push until they find that magic point where we push back. Evidently kidnapping soldiers off the high seas isn't that point. Our response should be no different than if Iran took a group of U.S. Marines hostage from international waters. So what are we doing about all of this? Not much. How about the Brits? Well, not much either.

Tony Blair says they're taking Iran's actions seriously. Yeah! That ought to show them! This is why Iran does the things that it does...because it knows it can get away with it. Ahmadinejad knows he can exploit the weakness of the politically correct Islamic appeasers in Europe. He rightly calculated that he could draw attention to himself by capturing these soldiers and perhaps arranging a prisoner swap. No one is standing up to him thus far. So, perched atop his phone book in Tehran, he continues his nuclear weapons program and has now taken these prisoners.

Britain is an ally and this was an act of war. Why not give them what they seem to want? Reagan wouldn't have put up with this. And just to be bipartisan about it, neither would Harry Truman or Franklin Roosevelt. How long do we wait until we push these dangerous people back?

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