Tuesday, March 13, 2007


George Bush is traveling to Mexico to meet with Mexican President Felipe Calderon. Perhaps Felipe will have some medal to award to President Bush for his support of the Mexican invasion of the United States.

The issue, of course, will be what they will call the "immigration" problem, and what really should be called the Mexican invasion of the United States. The idea of a border fence will surely be discussed. I heard on the news this morning that some think the fence sends a message that Latin Americans aren't welcome in the United States. Nonsense. It sends a message that the United States is a government of laws and that people who break those laws are not welcome in the United States. It's about the law. Just follow the law. Sure, we're a nation of immigrants. But we're a nation of legal immigrants! What kind of respect for the rule of law do you have when your very presence here is based on a violation of those laws?

Don't let George Bush fool you with these references to "comprehensive immigration reform." The "comprehensive" word is just another way of saying that we must have amnesty. Bush's goal is to forgive the illegal activities of the 12 to 20 million criminal aliens we have in this country and to give them a shortcut to legal residency and citizenship.

Can we stop the invasion by building a fence along the border? Probably not, though it would certainly be a good start. The real way to stop the invasion is to remove the reason these people swarm across our border ... jobs. Make the penalties harsh ... very harsh ... on any employer in the United States who knowingly or carelessly hires a criminal alien. We can then set up a guest worker program administered through a series of employment agencies operating under strict government oversight ... only workers with guest worker permits can get jobs, and guest worker permits are only available in the countries of their citizenship. All payments are made through the employment agencies .. and the payments stop when the job is over.

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