Monday, March 12, 2007


President Bush's tour of South America continues....and so do the protests. Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez is shooting off his big mouth, calling capitalism the "road to hell." Oh really? The one economic system responsible for lifting more of the world's people out of poverty than any other in the history of mankind is the "road to hell?"

It's easy to criticize feels so good, doesn't it? You see, because capitalism is an individual pursuit. You sit on your ass all day and complain about how rough you have it ... you eschew work ... you make lousy decisions ... and you go without. On the other hand if you recognize that the 40-hour work week is for those who pursue mediocrity; you consider each decision carefully, and you don't wait for others to do for you when you can do for yourself .. and you end up sitting pretty.

The chink in the armor of people like Hugo Chavez and Hillary Clinton has always been that they need the rich. Because without the tax revenues brought in by the wealthy, who pay most of the taxes by the way, politicians won't have enough money to buy votes. Same thing with Chavez and some of these other Latin American dictatorships. They derive their power from the fact that they have money. Without it, they're sunk. If only there were a way to boycott Chavez's oil...and deny him the financing for his anti-Americanism. Well .. you can dream, can't you?

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