Tuesday, March 27, 2007


There are 600,000 illegal alien fugitives in this country that our government cannot account for. The people charged with the responsibility of keeping up with these people are claiming inadequate resources. How about lack of will? But hey, no worries. We learn that the Feds expect to have them all of these fugitive criminal aliens out by the end of 2012. So only another 4 years or so before we round up all the murderers, rapists and thieves from the Mexican invasion and ship them back from whence they came. Of course, by then, another 600,000 -- likely many more --- will crossed the border heading north.

Criminal aliens? Yeah .. that's what I call them. A little insensitive reaction of mine to seeing these people carrying their "I'm not a criminal" signs. You cross the border illegally, you work illegally, you stay here illegally ... you're a criminal. Plus you have the fact that a significant percentage of illegal aliens are committing a large number of crimes. Sexual predators especially...all courtesy of our neighbor to the South. But the media isn't anxious to report this wave of crime courtesy of Mexico. Next time you're watching your local news and you see a report about a crime committed by someone who could be an illegal alien, noticed they never mention their immigration status. That would be politically incorrect.

So the invasion continues. One of the excuses being given as to why the fugitive backlog is so high in this country is because there aren't enough places in the jails for them. Here's an idea...how about shipping them back to Mexico and letting them deal with it? We used to do that....it was calling deporting somebody. Look it up...it used to happen. A long time ago.

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