Friday, April 06, 2007


A new poll shows that almost 50% of Americans are concerned about high levels of corruption should Hillary Clinton be elected president. Gee...I have no idea why. Could it be because her husband's administration was certainly one of the most corrupt in history? Could it be because the people know that Hillary is a proven liar? Perhaps the general public isn't so ignorant after all. Maybe there's still hope for society.

The fact is 1 in 5 Democratic voters believe Hillary Clinton is already corrupt. That's not good news for The Hildabeast who is now fighting some real opposition in her bid to become the 2008 Democratic nominee. So why all the worries about corruption? Well, let's run down the list. How about the missing Rose Law Firm records that magically reappeared in Hillary Clinton's possession after she swore under oath that she didn't have them. Then there's Bill Clinton's troubles...and there's not enough room here to list all of those. Casa Grande. Madison Guarantee. What a resume!

You had the travel office firings and the secret health care task force. Oh, and how about the firing of all 93 U.S. Attorneys under the Clinton Administration? Since the Democrats are crucifying Alberto Gonzales for firing just 8, maybe they could ask Hillary Clinton why her husband canned them all?

Oh..and the Clinton administration had the highest number of cabinet officials under investigation in history. The Clintons corrupt? You bet.

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