Wednesday, April 18, 2007


The next time an MSM outlet describes Barack Obama as "articulate," I suggest you send them this audio link. My friend Jessica McBride sent it along, and man, is it painful. It's from his speech yesterday in Milwaukee--tying the Virginia Tech massacre to Iraq, Darfur, Don Imus, and everything but the kitchen sink. Jessica provides a bit of transcription:

He said we are a violence obsessed culture. "We glorify it, we encourage it, we ignore it." In what honestly was a very boring, dry, rambling speech, he then listed a litany of examples of how violent we are. He excoriated "verbal violence" and specifically mentioned Imus but, tellingly, not Ludacris. Then, he mentioned violent crime in Milwaukee, and other examples of how violent we all are. In one bizarre example, he said that he was also talking about the "violence" of men and woman who lose their jobs to other countries. HUH?

And then he mentioned IRAQ...He started out by saying that our culture of violence is rooted in our supposed incapacity to understand we are all connected fundamentally as people (kumbayah!). We are still trapped in a belief that we can impose our wills on each other and differentiate ourselves and make ourselves feel better from one another because of the accidents of birth or race or gender, he said. We still think about our role in the world and foreign policy as if the children of Darfur are somehow less than the children here, and so we tolerate violence there. And then he said in that context:

"We base our decisions in terms of sending our young men and women to war not on the necessity of defending ourselves but the belief that somehow with military force we can achieve aims that should be achieved through diplomacy and alliances."

Really, just try listening to the whole thing. This man wants to be leader of the free world.

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