Monday, April 02, 2007


It seems that for every little shove the Islamic fascists and radical Muslims deliver to the western world, we respond by looking earnestly for yet another way we can show weakness and a willingness to capitulate. While the Iranians are parading 15 British sailors and Marines in front of the Arab media, we learn that the European Union has a nifty little rule in place designed to prevent angering Muslims.

The London Daily Telegraph has now revealed the existence of a classified handbook for EU diplomat types that encourages governments and the European media to avoid using phrases that might (gasp!) offend Muslims when referring to terrorism. The EU handbook suggests banning words like "jihad", "Islamic" or "fundamentalist."

Yup .. that's right. It is now officially improper in Europe to refer to an Islamic terrorist as an Islamic terrorist. Never mind the fact that virtually every terrorist operating in the world today is a Muslim ... and never mind that the wonderful, peaceful, serene, nonviolent, passive, tranquil, placid, laid-back, loving religion of Islam virtually relies on terrorism as it's chief foreign policy tool. We certainly don't want to offend these people now, do we? So the EU handbook on how to talk about terrorism without offending the people responsible for the terrorism tells us that we might want to give consideration to the phrase "terrorists who abusively invoke Islam."

Screw that.

Islam is a religion of hate and violence ... and so it shall remain until we see Muslims everywhere in the world openly and loudly standing up to these violent Islamic fascists and their apologists like the Council on American Islamic Relations. CAIR has never issued a blanket repudiation of the use of violence and terrorist tactics on the part of Islamic groups. I fully realize that there are Muslims everywhere who hate the violence and hatred brought to us by the jihadists as much as we do .... but until they are as loud in their condemnation of terrorism as the jihadists are in their threats to the West ... Islam will be known by the actions of the radicals, not of the peaceful.

In the meantime, look around for an example of the Western world standing up to the Islamic goons. The City of Minneapolis suggests a light signal system on its taxis to warn customers of which Muslim cab drivers will transport passengers carrying alcohol, and which will not. Target stores jumps through its own rear end to find a way to accommodate Muslim cashiers at its stores who refuse to ring up items containing pork. A British school changes the name of the "Three Little Pigs" to the "Three Little Puppies." Today's Daily Mail from London reports on a study by the Department for Education and Skills. British teachers, it seems, are not teaching the Holocaust in British schools. Some teachers are afraid that Muslim pupils might react badly in class.

Everywhere you look you see capitulation. From supermarket check-out counters to the halls of the U.S. Congress. This capitulation is seen by Islamic fascists as nothing less than signs of weakness. It emboldens them, and weakens us. You do the math. Where does this lead?

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