Monday, April 30, 2007


Moonbat Murtha strikes again. This time the democratic Congressman is using the "I" word: Impeachment. Not surprising. The goal of democrats like Murtha is to undermine America in any way possible. You might remember his little speech last summer when he called the US's presence in Iraq a greater threat to the world than North Korea or Iran. This is the same Iran that is providing money and means for insurgents in Iraq, who are attacking US and British soldiers and innocent Iraqis. This is the same North Korea that has a Gargoyle at the tip of a nuclear trigger button. And yet the United States, according to moonbat Murtha, is the source of all the wrong in the world—and George W. Bush is the ring-leader.

Mistakes were made in Iraq, but that, in no way, makes George W. Bush a war criminal. He is not like Serbian war criminal Milosevic or Iraq's Saddam Hussein, both of whom tortured and abused innocent civilians.

Calling for Impeachment of your own President because of Iraq not only attempts to place George W. Bush on this hideous level, but also makes the rest of the world think it is ok to do the same. If there is any great threat to our peace, it is John Murtha's insistence of weakening his own country.

For the first time in his relatively lackluster career in politics, Murtha is in the spotlight. He gets recognized in all the fine restaurants, and the interview shows on TV are calling every day. Pretty impressive stuff. Impressive enough to betray our men and women and uniform, not to mention our country.

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