Thursday, April 19, 2007


Earlier this week I was critical of people who were trying to blame the administration of Virginia Tech for the tragedy that occurred on Monday. At that time there seemed no rational basis for the criticisms.

Well, that was then. This is now.

And now we know that the Virginia Tech killer was a psycho. He was mentally disturbed. Not only was he mentally disturbed, with suicidal thoughts, but the university knew it! One professor had expelled the killer from her classroom. At one point he was sent to a mental health facility ... later to be released.

Did political correctness play a role here? Is it at all possible that strong action was not taken against him because he was a member of an ethnic minority?

Did you know that both houses of the Virginia legislature unanimously passed legislation within the past year or so that barred Virginia colleges and universities from expelling a student on the basis of mental instability? Virginia colleges and universities were also banned from suspending or expelling a student because of an attempted suicide or the expression of suicidal thoughts? Cho committed suicide on Monday. He took 31 people with him. The university knew he was a threat. Nothing was done.

Who to blame? The university? The Virginia legislature? How about the student at another Virginia university who was sent home after he expressed suicidal thoughts? He filed a lawsuit .. the lawsuit that led to the Virginia legislature telling government schools that they must harbor people --- potentially dangerous people --- who speak and dream of violence.

Are these educational institutions or mental health wards? Why should we expect them to fulfill both functions?

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