Tuesday, May 01, 2007


It's May Day. This used to be the big day for Communists to celebrate their grand successes in bringing the world under Communist rule. Communists seem to be somewhat quite right now. They don't have a lot of successes to brag about. So it looks like the great May Day demonstration platform is wide open for some other group to occupy!

So ... how about the mob rule crowd! How about turning the May Day chanting over to those who don't think all that much about our rule of law, and who want to legitimize the Mexican invasion of the United States.

So .. prepare yourselves for demonstrations around the country for "immigration reform." Now what they mean by "immigration reform" is allowing those people who have broken the law by coming into this country illegally, staying here illegally and working here illegally to get special treatment from our government; treatment that is not afforded people who use the legal processes to enter America. In other words, the demonstrations you see today will call for rewarding criminals for their criminal behavior. Simple as that.

The supporters of criminal aliens are trying to tell us that there is no way the 12 to 20 criminal aliens in this country could possibly be sent back home ... that we're just going to have to find a way to accommodate them.


It can be done. Control over our borders can be established. We just have to be willing to take some rather strong steps to get it done.

Now this idea isn't original with me ... I've just adopted it because it works. Here's your plan for sending those who are here illegally back home while making sure that American businesses and agriculture will get all the workers they need to stay in business.

Step One: You enact harsh -- draconian -- penalties for any employer, no matter how large or small, who knowingly or carelessly hires someone who is in this country illegally. These employers are going to have to use the services of private sector firms that verify citizenship or legal residency. If the demand for such certifications is created, that demand will be met by private businesses. The law would require the federal government to cooperate in all respect with any companies in the business of certifying legal residency. There would also be harsh penalties for any landlord who knowingly or carelessly rented living quarters to anyone not in this country legally.

Step Two: All federal funds would be withheld from any cities or other local governments who refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities in the enforcement of our immigration laws. This would put an end to this "Sanctuary City" nonsense.

Step Three: A law would be passed that would allow U.S. Businesses to hire temporary workers who are not legal residents of the United States. All of this hiring would be done through federally licensed but privately operated employment agencies. The companies using the temporary labor would make all payments to the employment agencies, and the employment agencies would in turn pay the temporary workers. The penalties for any payments made by employers to temporary workers outside of this system would be harsh. Very harsh. Say, for instance, denial of any rights to hire temporary workers through this program again.

Step Four: U.S. law would require that any foreign person seeking work in the United States through the temporary worker program would have to have a temporary worker card issued by the United States. Without this card the employment agencies would not be permitted to bring these people into the U.S. for temporary work assignments.

Step Five: The temporary worker cards would only be issued in that worker's home country. Nowhere else. In other words, if you are already in the United States you would have to return to your home country to be issued a card. If you chose to remain in the United States you would be unable to find any work because you would be ineligible to be hired through the federally licensed employment agencies, and no employer would dare take a chance on the fines that would result from paying you outside of the federal temporary worker program.

Step Six: When a U.S. company need some workers, construction, agricultural ... whatever, that company would go to one of the federally licensed employment agencies and put in an order. That agency would then arrange to have the needed workers brought into the country and would arrange for their temporary housing. The employer would be billed for these costs. When the temporary work assignment was over the agency would provide transportation either back to the temporary workers home country or to the next temporary job. All payments to the temporary workers would cease until another assignment was found.

We have all of these illegal criminal aliens in this country because there is a demand for them. This program would eliminate the demand. Workers would be available through the temporary worker program. Going outside of the program would be unthinkable, considering the harsh penalties involved. Illegals already here would simply have to go back to their home countries to get that temporary worker card. We could even give them preferential treatment in issuing those cards ... just so long as they return to their own country to get them. The demand for illegals would dry up ... and those who truly need and want to work would, in spite of the inconvenience, abide by the law to accomplish their goals.

In many ways this idea gives the Republicans what they want, labor for American business. The problem in getting a program like this implemented is that it would most certainly NOT give the Democrats what they want ... more votes. Democrats see every one of these illegal aliens as a potential vote. Why, after all, do you think there are voter registration drives being promoted today? Just who are they trying to register? And which party is it that screams bloody murder whenever suggested that people voting or registering to vote show some ID or prove that they are eligible? 'Taint the Republicans. Connect the dots.

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