Monday, May 07, 2007


Look for Democrats to exploit the massive ignorance of the American people on this issue. Barbara Boxer is out there telling all of us how "very clear" it is that we have a government that is being run for the benefit of oil companies. Yup .. it was so "very very clear" that Moonbat Boxer didn't even take the time to explain it to us. Now if we were to press her to give us these "very very clear" reasons I have no doubt she would immediately point to oil company profits. At that point a good journalist would ask her: "Can you tell us what the profit margin, not the profit, but the profit margin was for Exxon Mobile during the last reported quarter?" Oh how I would love to see that question asked! But there's not a chance. They'll ask a Republican presidential candidate how much a gallon of milk costs. That's all part of the media game of showing us that Republicans are out of touch with the common man. But they damned sure won't ask a Democrat some basic business questions. After all, the last thing the MSM (mainstream media) wants to do is illustrate leftist ignorance when it comes to business.

Oh ... and let's get ready for the whining from the public too; spurred on, of course, by media scare stories and Democrats slamming the oil companies. Just as soon as gas goes over $3 a gallon the media will start screaming about record gas prices and the great unwashed will join right in.

How about a bit of math. Let's say you're going to drive a family of four to Walt Disney World. You live 700 miles away, so there's a 1400 mile round trip. You burn regular gasoline. As of last Friday (excuse me, but the numbers for today aren't out yet) your regular gas could have cost $3.03 per gallon. This time last year that gas would have cost you $2.92 per gallon. That's an eleven cents per gallon increase. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tells us that the average gas mileage for new vehicles sold in the United States in 1980 was 23.1 miles per gallon. It has increased since then to around 24.7 mpg, but we'll go with the 1980 figure on the assumption that the people whining the loudest about gas prices are the least likely to have a new car. See how fair I'm being here?

So ... with the 11 cents per gallon increase since last year, how much extra are you going to have to save for your trip to Disney World? You drive 1400 miles and get 23.1 miles per gallon. That means you burn 60.6 extra gallons of gas. At 11 cents per gallon that is going to increase your vacation driving cost by a whopping $6.66! (The HELL you say!)

Now .. let's imagine that gas goes up by one entire dollar from last year's prices! Oh my! Will the media be having a fun time then! Barbara Boxer would probably pass out while delivering the anti-big-oil diatribe for the ages! That means your vacation would cost you $60.60 more while you're paying $3.92 per gallon! Hint: If that $60 is going to break you, you have no business at all taking your family to Disney World. Get a Slip 'n Slide for the backyard and take the kids to DQ.

I could say some things here about drilling for oil in ANWR and building new refineries and ending all of these special blends that cause disruptions in the gas supply around this time every year. I could also say some things about supply and demand ... but that would just make me a neo-con, wingnut hate monger. So I'll just shut up now.

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