Tuesday, May 15, 2007


We want to talk about government spending? Let's talk to my favorite buddy in Congress, Mr. Murtha. Last night a bill passed through the House to fund intelligence operations. Fine. But the bill also contains $97 million of "unclassified earmarks" (aka. Pork-barrel spending). The largest benefactor was none other than that famous Democrat who told the world that our troops were killing innocent Iraqis in cold blood. Yes ... that wonderful friend of our men and women in uniform, Congressman Murtha! Murtha managed to bring home the pork in an intelligence funding bill to the tune of $23 million for a new drug intelligence center in his hometown district of Johnstown, PA. What an absolute ridiculous waste of tax payer money. Also, considering there are 19 other facilities just like it, it is in a location where there are probably more cows than people and not to mention the silly little waste of tax dollars called "the war on drugs." This is just a way for Murtha to get more jobs in his district. Pathetic. And we wonder why we spend so much. The little things add up too, folks.

Face it .. the American people have absolutely lost all control of the federal legislative process and their representatives in DC. That would be because (1) most of us are government educated and we have no real idea what is happening to us; and (2) We're more than wrapped up in the celebrity and jock culture. More people care about what is going on with Paris Hilton than what is going on in Paris, France.

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