Saturday, June 09, 2007


They had a little test vote in the Senate late yesterday ... to see of they could get the votes necessary for cloture and bring the amnesty bill to the floor for a vote. Not enough votes .... so the amnesty bill was withdrawn. Withdrawn for now.

The Democrats immediately went into defense mode. The media has been reporting for weeks that this bill was belonged to Ted Kennedy and John McCain. McCain was distancing himself from the bill earlier this week ... so that pretty much left Kennedy hanging out there alone. So here comes Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to tell all the world that this bill actually belonged to George Bush.

What an amazing tactic! When the bill is born you brag about the bipartisan nature of the bill and showcase your icon, Ted Kennedy, as a major mover and shaker behind this wonderful effort, and then the bill falls on its face. Suddenly it belongs to George Bush. The problem is that the government educated myrmidons of this country will buy Reid's story. He knows it.

This whole affair is particularly distressing to Democrats and the left because it presented them with clear evidence that the right is not dead. Perhaps they thought they dealt a death crushing to conservatives with last year's elections. Maybe they thought the death blow could be delivered with the election of President Rodham next year. Now we have conservative America standing up to this transparent Hispandering bill -- this amnesty bill -- and the support started to erode.

Do you know that they couldn't even manage to pass an amendment that would have eliminated illegal aliens with criminal records from the amnesty provisions?

Speaking of criminal aliens. I suppose it didn't help things this week when some illegal Mexican .. a Mexican who had twice before been deported .. got drunk, stole a car and killed a man in a grinding collision. How many people are killed by illegal alien drunk drivers every day? Some studies put the number at around 12 or so. Nice going.

Politicians who see these illegal aliens as a great source of future political support aren't going to give up. Don't go to sleep on this one. This bill is coming back.

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