Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Criminal: adj. One that has committed or been legally convicted of a crime. American Heritage Dictionary.

OK ... do you now have the definition of a criminal in mind? If you've committed a crime, you are a criminal. If you've been convicted of a crime, you are a criminal. I realize that this is a tough concept for some liberals to grasp ... but even with my government school education, I think I get it.

Now, may I draw your attention to this editorial that appeared on July 24th in the Indianapolis Star? The title of the editorial is "Illegal doesn't make them criminals." Well now! If ever there was a headline or a title to a column or editorial that better exemplifies the mindset of the leftist media in this country, this would be it.

This editorial is full of so much unadulterated bullcrap, I hardly know where to start.

First, of course, the editors of the Indianapolis Star just can't bring themselves to say the words "illegal aliens," even though that is the official government label applied to people who enter this country illegally. For the most part the Star just refers to them as "immigrants". Instead of attaching the "illegal" word to these criminals, the Star editors refer to them as "young male immigrants ... who arrived in this country without proper documentation."

Gawd .. this political correctness is just infuriating!

These are not "young male immigrants who arrived in this country without proper documentation," they are criminals who crossed our borders illegally, who obtained jobs here illegally (often with forged documents), and who remain here illegally. The Star editors try to portray them as poor, hapless, unfortunate Mexicans who crossed the border into this country in the dark of night and then were m to suddenly discover that, ay caramba, they didn't have the proper documentacion!

In one part of this editorial the reader is told that there is no reason to believe that these "young male immigrants" are any more likely than anyone else to commit a crime. Then, a few paragraphs later, we're told that the crime rate in Indianapolis has risen as the immigrant population has grown. OK guys .. which is it?

The paper then goes on to blame the problem of illegal immigration not on those who actually commit the crimes, but instead on our own government? And just why would that be? Why, because we're not letting them in legally! That means they just have to break the law to get here!

Oh .. now I understand.

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