Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Yesterday President Bush slammed Congress for not getting its work done. He says that Congress is too busy focusing on investigating his administration and trying to pull the troops out of Iraq.

Nancy Pelosi was not too pleased with this. She says, "Instead of criticizing Congress, the president's time would be better spent working in a bipartisan way to end this disastrous war in Iraq, keep our promises to our veterans by providing the largest veterans' healthcare investment in history, and providing healthcare for 10 million children."

OK .. first of all, Nancy Pelosi's MoveOn Democrat party controls both the House and the Senate. They can end the war in Iraq any time they want to. Right now it's the Democrat's fault the war hasn't been called off, not the president's. Just shut up, Nancy, and get it done. Secondly ... no child in America goes without health care if the caretaker of that child cares enough to seek it. You're going to get your precious nationalized health care in the U.S. You're going to get what Democrats have dreamed of for decades ... control over the health care of every single American. You're going to get your wish because Americans largely believe that they are not responsible for their own health care. So just shut up about it for now, and try to get some budget bills passed.

Back to Bush ... the president also pointed out that democrats have passed an "endless series of tax increases" and that they can't seem to solve anything without it involving a tax hike. He points to S-CHIP, the farm bill, the energy bill and a small business bill as prime examples. And while Bush is no frugal president, he points out that the Democrats seek to spend more than $205 billion over the next five years.

Is there something about this that surprises Bush?

Meanwhile, Dennis Kucinich has found the time to question the president's mental health, in light of Bush's comments about a nuclear Iran could mean WWIII. Kucinich says, "I seriously believe we have to start asking questions about his mental health ... There's something wrong. He does not seem to understand his words have real impact." Then, after telling the world that he thinks Bush has a mental health problem, Kucinich proceeded to talk about the time he saw a UFO.

No wonder our government can't get anything done. We have resorted to publicly question the mental state of our own president. Kucinich, by the way, is certifiable.

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