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Tucson Student Forced to Listen to Pro-Illegal Immigration Propaganda

Americans better start waking up and doing something about the madness that’s occurring in our nation’s high schools and elementary schools. Youngsters are being subjected to left-wing propaganda and when teachers and principals are caught they start two-stepping around the issue.

For instance, a Tucson high school student is scheduled to appear before Arizona lawmakers to tell how she was forced by school officials to listen to a pro-immigrant speech by a speaker spewing left-wing propaganda to students without rebuttal.

In addition, lawmakers are investigating why Tucson school buses were used to provide transportation for student protesters at a pro-illegal immigration rally. The mother of a Buena High School student, in Sierra Vista, Arizona said her son’s baseball team was supposed to play a Tucson high school but the game was cancelled. The Buena students learned that the game was cancelled because the Tucson high school bus was being used to take students to an anti-Sensenbrenner bill rally. Rep. Sensenbrenner is one of the sponsors of a tough illegal immigration and border security bill.

Senior Mon-yee Fung,17, sat in a school assembly where co-founder of the United Farm Workers Union Dolores Huerta spoke, but could not leave after Huerta began making remarks such as “Republicans hate Latinos.”

“I wanted to listen to what they had to say, but all they had to say was hate speak,” Fung, head of the school’s Teenage Republicans Club, told The Tucson Citizen.

“They’re saying that I don’t like Mexicans or that I don’t try to understand what they’re doing, but I am trying to understand,” she said during her appearance on Fox News Channel. State Rep. Jonathan Paton, R-Tucson, wanted Fung to tell her story to Fox News today at 5 p.m.

“She was forced to listen to a political speech for over 40 minutes,” Paton said. “To me that’s a real problem because we shouldn’t have the schools as a forum for political speech. They should be a forum for education.”

Huerta said she was invited to speak at Tucson High as part of the effort to keep students in school and disagreed with Paton’s assertion that political speech has no place in school.

“This is a terrific opportunity for young people to learn what the democratic process is about, the way that bills are passed,” Huerta said. “I explained this whole procedure to the students.”

Huerta said her “Republicans hate Latinos” comment was based on the number of anti-immigration bills sponsored by Republicans.

“Large numbers of the Republican Party are anti-immigrant or anti-Latino,” she said. “I can justify that.”

Huerta, an avowed Marxist, also encourages students to cut school to attend protests and rallies for pro-illegal immigration.

Rep. Paton sent a letter to Tucson Unified School District officials last week questioning the April 3 assembly and the district’s response to the student walkouts that occurred the week before in protest to proposed immigration law.

He contends that regardless of the topic and which political group is sounding off on an issue, the school is not a place for that to happen. Meanwhile, Tucson High Principal Abel Morado said he was unaware of the incident involving Fung.

“There’s a perfect example of liberal ideology — a principal who has no idea what left-wing propaganda is being spewed by someone who supports lawbreakers,” said political analyst Mike Baker.

Morado said the school is a “wonderful venue” to see the opposing sides of an issue, but acknowledged that no effort has been made on his part to bring in somebody who supports the controversial immigration bill, HR 4437. He told news reporters it isn’t his job to bring in someone to balance the propaganda being force-fed to kids

Fung joined the Teenage Republicans Club because she often hears only the liberal side of issues discussed in classrooms at Tucson High.

“I wanted to show the students that there was another side to all the beliefs that the teachers had and were preaching in the classrooms,” she said. “I believe that you shouldn’t only state one side and not state the other at all.”

Morado said that, with a student body of 2,700, he occasionally hears stories similar to Fung’s and that he will spend more time discussing objectivity with his faculty.

“We get those concerns from time to time and I think we get them on both sides of the spectrum,” Morado said. “We want (teachers) to deliver a balanced approach in their curriculum, especially if they are discussing a political issue.” However, he could not describe one incident where someone complained about a conservative point of view being forced on students.

Flung also said she was asked to remove a poster recruiting young Republicans because it was “too inflammatory.”

The poster read “Be an American, join the Teenage Republican Club.” Morado said the poster was removed because some thought the implication was that one was not American unless they joined the club. Someone should inform Mr. Morado that illegal aliens are not Americans. If they’re offended, well — to use language even a moron like Morada can understand — that’s tough.

Fung is worried that her appearance on national television and in front of state legislators next Thursday may cost her friends who think differently than her.

“It’s worth it, because I want them to see that even though I am Republican, I’m still a real person and that I do care about the community,” she said.

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