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Send the LA mayor a message

Earlier this week, open borders L.A. mayor Antonio Villaraigosa gave a divisive speech on behalf of illegal alien protesters in which he declared:

"Today we say to America: We've come here to work: We clean your toilets. We clean your hotels. We build your houses. We take care of your children. We want you to help us take care of our children as well."

Many law-abiding L.A. residents who clean their own toilets took umbrage at Villaraigosa's McCain-like contempt for self-reliant Americans and his us-vs.-them militancy. Now, there's a campaign underway to answer Villaraigosa.

With toilet brushes.

KFI's John and Ken show has details of the "Amnesty Brush-Off."

Reader Jeff M. e-mails: "So many people are sending in toilet brushes that prices have been climbing (even on Amazon where toilet brushes have been hitting the # 1 spot on their sales charts)!"

Some nice ones available here and here.

Flush Amnesty!
Posted by Clay @ 9:58 am

Contact Mayor Villaraigosa by

clicking here and tell him he is

Mayor of Los Angeles, not Mexico

City! .

WE CLEAN YOUR TOILETS!Some listeners have pledged to send him some of these in protest. Sounds like a fine idea. Get brushin’!

(Looks like KFI listeners are single-handedly driving up the online prices for toilet brushes! The current best deal we can see right now is $3.85 including shipping.)You could always find one at the local 99¢ Only store and send it Parcel Post yourself, if you’re so inclined.

Send your (clean) toilet brushes to City Hall . . .

Mayor Toiletraigosa
200 North Spring Street
Room 303
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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