Monday, May 01, 2006



Welcome to May 1. It's the day to hate the Yankees. That is: Americans, not the baseball team. Via Mexidata:

In Mexico, what began as a vague appeal for cross-border solidarity on the Internet is snowballing into a movement as well. In various parts of the country, labor unions, regional and local business groups, and ex-bracero associations are supporting a one-day boycott of US products and businesses.

"For me, the protest serves a double purpose: I get to support the immigrants and I also get to express my slightly anti-Yankee sentiments," said Mexico City cafe owner Joaquin Garcia Nava.

As in the United States, the Roman Catholic Church is adding legitimacy, voice and presence to the movement. And the bishops of the Mexican border cities of Ciudad Juarez, Tijuana, Mexicali, Nogales, Reynosa, Nuevo Laredo, and Piedras Negras have all endorsed the May 1 action.

Lonewacko keeps track of the who's who behind the boycott.

My Vent is here. And we're maintaining The Multimedia Mother of all May Day Posts over at Hot Air.

Kit Jarrell has a new Guard the Borders blogburst.

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