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Well .. here we go again. It's May 1st. May Day. A day which, ironically enough, was once a huge holiday in the Communist World. No ... it's not Lenin's birthday. In the U.S. we celebrate Lenin's birthday with something called "Earth Day." That in itself is rather strange, considering the fact that Earth Day has become somewhat of an anti-capitalist celebration. But, I digress. The Marching Mexicans will be at it again today ... they're filling the streets with the avowed attention to "close down" some major American cities.

First of all, boycotts, especially short ones like this, don't work. Why? If any immigrants do boycott anything, they're sure to go right back to it tomorrow. That's work/school/shopping being delayed, not denied. Second, this does have one convenient side effect. Perhaps just for one day...and maybe one day only...the 12 million criminal illegal aliens will go away for one day. We can dream, can't we?

Political correctness seems to be the order of the day in the media. I'm listening to CNN this morning as I prepare these program notes. Time after time I hear the word "immigrants." Only once thus far have I heard any derivative of the word "illegal" used in a story. The idiotic phrase "undocumented workers" comes up now and again. It seems that the last thing that the media wants to do is to call them what they are .... illegal aliens. By definition they are not "Immigrants." Immigration is a legal procedure which these people have not followed. They're aliens ... again, by definition ... and they're here illegally. That adds up to illegal aliens. While they're trying to close down some American cities why can't we just call them who and what they are?

Almost everything that can be said about the Mexican invasion force has already been said. There's really nothing new here, except for the fact that the illegal aliens and those who support them will be on the streets again today. Though the basic facts remain the same, there are a few things that are changing out there. First, with every demonstration, and the continued inaction on the part of the Bush Administration and the Congress, the illegal alien lobby becomes stronger and bolder. Second, average Americans, those who don't derive their power through the ballot box or gain financial advantage by using illegal alien labor, are getting a bit fed up with this whole "day without immigrants" BS.

As I said .. the facts here haven't changed. Only the boldness and arrogance of those who have violated our laws, and those who support them, has changed .... for the worse.

Last week I posted a review of some facts about the Mexican invasion you may not have been aware of, or may have missed. Those facts are just as valid and meaningful today as they were last week. So ... I'll post them again, revised and expanded:

Since 1990 an estimated 25 million Latinos have crossed the Mexican - American border .... northbound. The reason you keep hearing the 11 million figure is because the other 13 to 14 million were given amnesty during the mid-1990s. By any measure this is an invasion. No ... they aren't carrying guns with them, but they are carrying another weapon that may be just as effective; their willingness to exploit our compassion. They will eventually use our compassion (misplaced, in this case) and our surrender to the gods of political correctness to achieve their goals.

Mexicans have come to view crossing the border into the United States in order to work and send money back home as a way of life. According to an AP article by Mark Stevenson (4/23/06) "Mexico's economy, society and political system are built around the assumption that migration and amnesties for undocumented migrants will continue -- and that the $20 billion they send home every year will keep coming, and almost certainly grow." For those of you who went to government schools --- a translation. The Mexican economy, and Mexico's social and political system operate on the assumption that Mexicans will be free to move across the border with the U.S. at will, get work in the U.S. at will, and then send much of what they earn back to Mexico to shore up a bad Mexican economy caused primarily by rampant government corruption. Vicente Fox, Mexico's president, considers the illegal aliens to be "heroes." Why? Because they send those tens of millions of dollars back to their families, thus, at least to some extent, relieving Fox of the necessity of tackling corruption in the Mexican government and reforming the Mexican economy so that these people can earn that money there instead of invading the United States to get work. In short, these illegal aliens give cover to corrupt Mexican officials. As long as they can exploit the United States in this manner there will never be any impetus for the Mexican government to straighten it's act out for the benefit of the Mexican people.

Stevenson also reports that Mexicans -- the ones actually living in Mexico -- are giving their babies American names like Johnny and Leslie so that they will fit in better once they've moved to the United States. This is merely another way to prepare to be a part of the invasion.

Imagine trying to give someone directions that involved this street. Sent in by Psycho.

And please don't forget our friend, Professor Charles Truxillo of the University of New Mexico. Professor Truxillo says that there will be a new, sovereign Hispanic nation formed within the United States and northern Mexico in the not-too-distant future. The good professor says that this new nation, called "Republica del Norte" will take in all of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and southern Colorado, as well as several northern Mexican states. How strongly does Professor Truxillo feel about this new Hispanic nation? Well, he says it is "inevitable," and that it should happen "by any means necessary." How will this all happen? Truxillo says it will come as a result of electoral pressure of the "future majority Hispanic population in the region." Wait a minute! Truxillo isn't saying that our wonderful and glorious political class is going to bow to the pressure of the masses, is he? I thought we were a government of laws! Surely under a government of law, not of men, our politicians are going to chose to enforce the law rather than to bow to the wishes of the mob, won't they? Yeah --- and Cynthia McKinney is going to encounter a difficulty this week without screaming racism. Let's all hold our breath.

You think it can't happen? Do you think this invasion can't succeed? Twenty-five million over the past 16 years and you don't think the invasion is going well? Them could you please tell me, then, why Mexican magazines are publishing articles praising the exploits of the "reconquistadors"? Translation? Re-conquerors. Now if you send a force across a border to conquer .. what part of that doesn't fit the definition of an invasion? These same magazines carry stories entitled " "with all due respect, Los Angeles is ours !" Come on, folks. Wake up and smell the salsa.

The president will tell you there's not much that can be done. We can't send them back. OK .. we can't SEND them back, on that I agree. We aren't prepared to handle the reaction from Latin America and the howls of protest from the United Nations if we actually try to gather up these invaders and send them back from whence they came. There is, however, another way. Once again, let me lay it out for you step-by-step.

1. Close the borders. Not next month. Not next week. Now. Right by-God now. Send the National Guard. Send American troops. What are they for if not to defend the borders of this country? Start stringing the barbed wire. Patrol with dogs. Do whatever needs to be done, but shut the border down. Let the rest of the world scream, but we have every right to defend our borders against invaders. Remember ... by their own admission, it's an invasion force.

2. Immediately pass legislation providing for harsh penalties for any and all businesses and individuals who hire illegal aliens. No half-measures. Make it hurt. Two weeks ago immigration officials arrested over 1000 illegal aliens working for one company that makes pallets and shipping crates. The officers of that company should be headed to jail, and the company should be seized by the government and sold at auction with the proceeds being used to pay for securing our border. Put employers in jail --- take their stuff. Let them know that this is serious and that hiring illegal aliens is tantamount to giving aid and comfort to the enemy. The hell with their campaign contributions. Fine them and jail them. Make 'em scream. As for getting these jobs done? Pay a wage that will attract Americans. It won't hurt. The majority of people working in agriculture and construction in this country are citizens. They'll do the work. Spreading pine straw may be a problem.

3. Heavily tax all wire and other transfers of money from illegal aliens to their homelands -- or just take all of the earnings! . If Mexico is getting $20 billion a year from illegal aliens in the U.S., seize about 30% of it. Call it a fine. If you can show that the money was earned here illegally there would be absolutely nothing wrong with taking a bit of it when it is sent back to Mexico to shore up Vicente. Look ... if you drive by a car and solicit a prostitute the cops can confiscate your car. You were using that car in the commission of a crime, it can be taken. If you sell illegal drugs the government can confiscate the money you earned selling those drugs ... and the government can do it under asset forfeiture laws without even proving that you were guilty of a crime. All they need is a reason to believe that you committed a crime. If, in fact, you earned that money legally you can sue the government to get your money back. Same rule for illegal aliens. Confiscate their cash. Take their paychecks. That is money earned during the commission of a crime. If they can prove they earned it legally, let them have it back. This would be a lot of money that could be spent on border and immigration control.

4. Change the law so that any child born to a person in this country illegally does not automatically become an American citizen. That child will adopt the citizenship of its mother.

5. Put an end to providing all but emergency social services to illegal aliens. No food stamps, no welfare benefits, no access to taxpayer-funded government schools ... no taxpayer-funded government services except for life saving medical care.

6. Free rides to the border. Heading south. Rather self-explanatory.

The illegals and those who support them are overplaying their hand. I'm sure I'm not the only American that's fed up. Don't be so naive as to believe that we can't lose a sizeable portion of our country to these invaders .. these reconquistadors. This country is still worth defending.

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