Wednesday, May 17, 2006


If you're a fan of unbridled arrogance you're going to love this one. It would seem that the government of Mexico is threatening lawsuits. Yup .. you got it right. Lawsuits. Mexico's Foreign Secretary Luis Ernesto Derbez has said that if the Mexican government sees that our National Guard is starting to detain people ... he means Mexicans, of course ... thus preventing them from entering our country illegally ... then the government of Mexico will start filing lawsuits.

Boil down the Foreign Secretary's comments ... If the United States National Guard actually takes any action to protect the borders of the United States by holding back the invasion force then we're going to sue.

One would expect that some highly-ranked U.S. official would stand up and up somewhere and tell the Mexican government that the United States intends to defend its borders, and that any lawsuits brought against our government as a result of those efforts will be considered to be a hostile act. Well .. you might expect that, but you had best not hold your breath.


I'm getting a bit tired of Bush's constant references to the fact that we're a "land of immigrants." He's right, of course ... but he seems unwilling to highlight the fact that our ancestors, the immigrants he's talking about, came here legally. They followed the law. They didn't seek an advantage over anyone else by jumping the line. Our ancestral heritage is one of adherence to the law. This is a claim that cannot be made by the tens of millions of Mexicans and Hispanics who have, in effect, told us to take our rule-of-law and stick it.


Georgia Republican Senator Johnny Isakson offered a common-sense amendment to the Senate immigration bill. Isakson's amendment would have simply put off the establishment of a so-called "guest worker" program .. which is, of course, an amnesty program, until the Department of Homeland Security could certify to the U.S. Congress that our border with Mexico is secure. In short, Isakson's amendment would have mandated that we first shut off the flood before we try to clean up the flood damage. Isakson's amendment was shot down in the Senate by a vote of 55-40. The Senate sent the message ... don't secure the border first.


By their actions our elected officials in Washington are sending us a rather strong message: We are not going to take any affirmative action to insure that the Mexican invasion across our southern border is brought to a halt. We must consider the possibility that these politicians want this invasion to continue because it serves their political needs. For the Democrats, this one is easy. Enabling the invasion is step one. Amnesty for those who have crossed our borders is step two. Step three will be figuring out a way to get those who were once illegal aliens, but by virtue of the amnesty program are illegal no more, to the polls to vote; presumably for Democrats. As for the Republicans? Well, there's always those heavy-duty contributors who benefit from the cheap labor offered by the invasion force. It's also possible that Republicans might actually believe that this legitimized invasion force will be prone to vote Republican!

This controversy over the Mexican invasion all boils down to one simple fact. It is fair to say that job one for the president and the members of congress is to defend and protect the borders of this country. In that regard they can be considered as nothing less than failures.

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