Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Kennedy On Immigration: Detached From Reality, Part II (Video)

By Greg Tinti on May 17, 2006 at 01:12 PM


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Another example of Sen. Ted Kennedy's twisted logic on display. According to Kennedy, "the idea that border security, in and of itself, of fencing or non-fencing is going to solve this problem just defies...DEFIES...recent history." His proof? After California erected a fence in that state, there was a spike in the number of people who died crossing the border--through Arizona.

Kennedy is purposely conflating two issues here and implying that physical fences actually lead to more death. But the obvious point Kennedy ignores is that the California fence was effective in preventing entrance to the United States but led to more crossings in Arizona. Now, logic dictates that had there been a fence in Arizona as well, it would have prevented people from crossing there and--more importantly--saved the lives of the majority of those people that died trying to cross.

Even worse, Kennedy would rather have a "virtual fence" which would likely allow more people to cross in dangerous areas and would have much less of an impact than an actual fence on lowering the number of people whom die from crossing our border. That doesn't make much sense to me. But as you've probably gleaned from the title of this post, this isn't the first time that Kennedy's been totally detached from reality on the immigration issue.

Flashback here.

UPDATE: Welcome Michelle Malkin and Hot Air readers!

UPDATE II: Robin Schaffran quips in the comments, "I suggest we replace the real security fence around Ted Kennedy's home estate with a virtual fence instead and see if that provides him with the security he needs."

UPDATE III: BREAKING: The Senate just voted 83-16 in favor of a 370 mile triple-layered border fence and 500 miles of vehicle barriers on the border. It is unknown at this time whether vehicle barriers also cause death.

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