Friday, August 18, 2006


That's right. The invasion is still underway. Even while the world was pressuring Israel to cave in to Hezbollah. Even while were watching this strange little man confess to a murder he probably did not commit .. the invasion continues.

Here's an interesting website for you. It's called The #1 Site for Real-Time Immigration Statistics. I can't vouch for the accuracy of the information on this site .. but it sure does get your attention. Here are the stats as of about 6:00 this morning:

  • Illegal Immigrants in Country 20,426,887
  • Money wired to Mexico $23,575,296,302
  • Cost of Social Services for Illegal Immigrants $397,469,111,828
  • Illegals Enrolled in Government Schools K-12 3,749,373
  • Cost of Illegal Immigrants Enrolled in K-12 $14,489,987,299
  • Illegal Immigrants Incarcerated 315,460
  • Cost for Incarcerations of Illegal Immigrants $1,446,245,595
  • Illegal Immigrant Fugitives 623,761

Here's a statistic from elsewhere, one that I did check out. Out of all of the outstanding warrants for murder in Los Angeles, 95% of them are for illegal aliens.

One more thing: You do remember that immigration fuss in the Congress some weeks back, don't you? The House had one version that called for the borders to be controlled and contained no guest worker program, the Senate had a bill calling for amnesty and only a token attempt to control the borders. Nothing got done. The Senate bill was written by Harry Reid and Ted Kennedy. It contained a provision for about 370 miles of fencing along the Mexican-U.S. Border. But .. here's what you probably didn't know. That fence can only be built with after consulting Mexico as to its location. Well isn't that special! Mexico gets to decide where we put our border fences!

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