Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Today's the day....President Bush will take to the podium at the United Nations this morning to discuss his administration's plan for democracy throughout the world. Unbelievably, in the audience will be Iran's Crazy Little Man, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He will speak later in the day.

President Bush says he will not meet with Ahmadinejad..saying the United States won't meet with Iran until it agrees to stop enriching uranium. So this sets up an interesting series of events. There will be the president of the United States, speaking at the podium at the United Nations. In the audience will be the president of the biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world, Iran. And it will all be in New York, where Al-Qaeda slaughtered 3,000 innocent people 5 years ago. Unreal, isn't it?

And watch the media coverage of the two speeches. Bush will get up, tout democracy gains in places like Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan and so on. But expect Ahmadinejad's speech to get better press. After all, he will be criticizing the United States...a prospect the media loves. And where does this leave the Democrats?

They have a problem. They're expected to win the mid-term elections coming up with national security becoming increasingly important. Will the Democrats, who hate George W. Bush and his policies, really come out in support of the President of Iran? Keep your eye on Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid on this one.

And just what is the President of Iran doing in this country anyway? How on Earth did that happen? Talk about ridiculous.

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