Thursday, September 21, 2006


Yesterday the president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez took to the podium at the United Nations and spoke to the General Assembly. In his speech, he slammed President Bush, calling him "The Devil" and talked about the Noam Chomsky book he's been reading. That should be enough to tell you everything this crazy leftist stands for...but there was more to the story.

Sounding like he was reading a script prepared by the Democrat Party and, Chavez ranted on and on about how the United States was an imperialist nation that didn't really want peace. He criticized Bush for thinking he owned the world and called him an imperialist, fascist and an assassin. Not much of a surprise. But in making his remarks, Chavez made Bush's point.

One by one, these supposedly elected tinhorn dictators are making the Bush Administration's point. Hugo Chavez is an America-hating socialist that cavorts with the world's thugs. He is an enemy of the United States, just like the president of Iran is. He would be saying what he is saying no matter who was in charge in the Oval Office. He hates George W. Bush because Bush doesn't give people like himself much wiggle room.

By the way, anyone notice the lack of response from the Democrats on these speeches by Chavez and the president of Iran? Do they agree with what they're saying? How about it, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton? Are you going to not disagree with these crazies? It sure seems to be the case. Wouldn't you think that when some foreign footstool calls our president the "devil" that at least some of the loyal opposition would have something to say? Evidently not.

Why do we have to put up with this? Why do we have to open our arms to voids surrounded by a sphincter muscle like Hugo Chavez; allowing them to come to this country to demean our institutions? Why? The United nations, that's why.

but then .. Chavez had one fabulous idea in all of his rantings. He proposed moving the United Nations to Venezuela. That is a fabulous idea....get the whole sham of an organization completely out of here. He can have it.

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