Thursday, October 19, 2006


The U.S. Senate is about to scrap the 700-mile fence on the U.S.-Mexican border and thumb its nose at the majority of Americans who are demanding border security?

That's the buzz in Washington, DC.

But hold on! Didn't Congress pass the Secure Fences Act of 2006 authorizing funds for that fence? And didn't the President sign it into law?

No... Not exactly.

Yes, Republican leaders passed the Secure Fences Act of 2006 almost three weeks ago, and went before television cameras, strutting and crowing... proclaiming that they had finally heard and heeded the demands of the American people!

And three weeks later, that fence bill -- which passed both houses of Congress -- is sitting in limbo... no one has bothered to put it on the President's desk!

But what about the bill the President signed? Wasn't that the Secure Fences Act of 2006?

The answer is NO.

The legislation the President signed was an appropriations bill that allocates $1.2 billion in funding to the Department of Homeland Security. And, you and your fellow Americans were led to believe that the $1.2 billion was earmarked for the construction of the fence!

But guess what! If you read that bill, you will find that the lion's share of the $1.2 billion in that appropriations bill DOESN'T HAVE TO BE SPENT ON THE FENCE!

Just in case your head is spinning... Let's recap!

At the eleventh hour -- right before they recessed to campaign for your vote -- our elected leaders passed legislation to build a 700-mile fence. But they know full well that it cannot become law until someone actually puts it on the President's desk and he signs it.

They appropriated $1.2 billion in funds on a totally different bill, which you and I were told would go toward the building of the fence -- but in actuality doesn't have to be used to build that fence.

Then they went home to campaign hoping you didn't notice the shell game before going to the polls on Election Day!

Our next action as patriotic Americans is clear... we MUST make it abundantly clear that we have not been fooled and we must DEMAND that the Secure Fences Act of 2006 be sent to the President and be signed into law IMMEDIATELY.

The election is coming upon us quickly. Our elected leaders really don't have a second to lose... not if they know what's good for them!

Use the hyperlink below to send your time sensitive and personalized Blast Fax messages to President George Bush and the Republican leaders of the House and Senate.

Warn them that no trickery will be forgiven; no pocket vetoes will be tolerated. Demand that they put the Secure Fences Act of 2006 on the President's desk and demand that the President sign it into law IMMEDIATELY -- before Election Day -- or the American people will take appropriate action at the polls.

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