Thursday, October 19, 2006


That’s the unmistakeable message that’s trumpeted in this Washington Times article. Here’s the opening paragraph:

The Democrats’ election-year agenda, which says what they will do if the voters put them back in charge of Congress, would seek to overturn or change just about everything President Bush and the Republicans have done since 2001. Key parts of their agenda call for repealing the bulk of the administration’s tax cuts, ending the ban on federal funding for new lines of stem-cell research and limiting some of the investigative, prosecutorial and surveillance methods in the counterterrorism USA Patriot Act.

Rush is calling conservatives who plan on sitting this election out to send a message to President Bush ‘Cut & Run Conservatives’. By not voting, Cut and Run Republicans are voting for the following agenda:

  • economy-wrecking tax increases;
  • weakened national and homeland security;
  • endless investigations, including impeachment hearings, that ‘criminalize’ policy disagreements;
  • gutting of the Patriot Act;
  • elimination of the NSA intercept program; and finally
  • the repeal of the Military Commissions Act, which also includes the codification and clarification of coerced interrogation techniques.

If the Senate flips, it’d eliminate any chance of a Justice Janice Rogers-Brown to replace John Paul Stevens. Instead, we’d have to accept some mushy watered-down justice in the mold of a Souter or O’Connor.

Rep. Charles B. Rangel of New York, who likely would become chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee if the Democrats win the House back, has said that he could not think of a single Bush tax cut that he supported and suggested that all of them should be repealed. But Mrs. Pelosi, who would be in line to become speaker, said last week that the tax-cut rollback would only affect people earning $250,000 a year or more.

President Bush would veto that legislation in a heartbeat but I still tremble that we’d be wasting time on such crippling legislation when we should be attempting to find a solution to the impending crises to Social Security and Medicare.

One last thing for Cut and Run Conservatives to ponder: What’s the chances that Ted Kennedy and John McCain would write ‘immigration reform’ legislation that wouldn’t undo the work we’ve done in building the border wall?

If we’re gonna send a message, let’s send it AFTER this election by funding primary challengers to the RINO’s that are troubling us. Let’s not self destruct and ruin life for a decade.

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