Thursday, October 26, 2006


The president is all set to sign today the bill authorizing the construction of a 700-mile border fence with Mexico. This would be an absolutely fabulous idea....if our border with Mexico were 700 miles long. The only problem: it isn't. It's almost 2,000 miles long. Oops! Looks like somebody fell a bit short in the arithmetic department. The $1.2 billion bill is seen as a "down payment" on the fence. Great...a fence that's too short still isn't fully paid for....this gets better all the time.

Republicans could have not only retained their majorities in the House and Senate, but expanded them this year. All they had to do was come out months ago in favor of getting tough on the illegal alien invasion. Some of them have, but the stumbling block isn't in Congress, it's at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue. President Bush simply supports amnesty for illegal aliens...the so-called guest worker program....and does not support doing anything at all with the 12 million illegals already here.

So this fence is just another do-nothing initiative that will not stop invasion from Mexico in the least. It's not enough. As long as there are places where illegals can just walk right on in, they will. As long as they know nothing will happen to them once they get here, they will continue to take the risk.

How about a fence along the entire border? And a real fence...a manned one with gun turrets and stuff. You could even mine it. Illegal immigration problem solved. North Korea and South Korea have had a pretty good border fence for 50 years.

By the way .. have you heard that China is busy laying down a barbed wire fence along its entire border with North Korea? Let's send some observers over there to see how they're doing it.

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