Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Dick Morris has a new column out that might give some Republicans hope today. In it, he is predicting that the mid-term election is back to the toss-up stage and the GOP might actually have a chance. Morris was the one who was predicting George Bush would be re-elected in 2004 when everybody else called it for The Poodle, so people should listen.

It turns out the conservative base may have awakened from a nightmare where they see Nancy Pelosi pounding the Speaker's gavel. Not a pleasant thought. What is the evidence of this? Democrats have sputtered in several key states...particularly Senate races. It's now looking more and more like it will not be possible for Democrats to take control of the Senate from the GOP. If anything, they might be able to get it to 50-50, but even that is still a Republican edge with Cheney as the Senate president to do tie-breaker votes.

So could it happen? Could it be that the media has it all wrong.....the Democrats have it all wrong...and suddenly the Republican base will go vote in two weeks, just like they always have? Maybe. It's always been the case that no matter what the polls say, particularly national polls, it all comes down to 1.) who votes on Election Day and 2.) whether or not people take out the sins of Iraq on their local Congressman.

So Republicans might have an opening here. They'll probably screw it up somehow though. After all, there's still two weeks left. But if they hold on, Nancy Pelosi had better hope she saved her receipt from all those drapes she's been buying for the Speaker's office.

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