Wednesday, November 15, 2006



We learn today that now that the Democrats are in control of the Congress they may just decide not to build that 700-mile fence along portions of the U.S. Border with Mexico. Word is that the law that mandates the fence, the law that was signed with much ceremony just a few weeks ago at the White House, will be reviewed by the new, more-powerful Democrats, and may be scrapped.

Please .. I hope you're not surprised. Democrats look at every single Mexican who comes across that border as a potential future vote. With the new showing of Democrat strength you can expect to see efforts to allow non-citizens to vote in local elections intensified in heavily Latino population centers. First will be school board elections. After all, we have to educate their children, don't we? So why shouldn't they vote in school board elections? Next will be elections for city councils, county commissions ... and onward.

The Democrats have an advantage here. The president is on their side. Right now we're hearing much more talk in Washington about amnesty than we are about controlling our borders. Amnesty for 12 million illegals next year .. then how many more do you think will stream into this country by the time we're voting in the 2008 presidential election?

Oh ... Some Vatican hot-shot is chiming in here too. Cardinal Renato Martino, a senior Vatican cardinal, is saying that the fence is part of an "inhuman program." He makes a connection to the Berlin Wall. Hint to anyone who wants to do that. The Berlin Wall was built to keep people from leaving, not arriving. Huge difference there.

How long before Spanish becomes the default language in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California?

Bill N. sends us this timely piece with the suggested caption "Shall I carve?"

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