Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Hillary can smell the Oval Office. With the Democrat control of the congress, and a president who seems well-suited to the role of a lame duck, Hillary is feeling her oats. She thinks the Democrat nomination is hers ... and its off to the races.

Yesterday The Liar made an interesting statement to reporters in Washington yesterday. She said that "health care is coming back" and "it may be a bad dream for some."

Now just what does she mean by that? Bad dream? What kind of bad dream?

Does Hillary mean that after our government takes control of the delivery of medical services in this country that Americans will have to wait for months, even years, for elective surgery as people do in Canada and other countries with socialized medicine? Well .. .if that's the case, Hillary is right. That would be a bad dream.

Maybe Hillary is talking about what awaits any American who tries to use his or her own money to hire a doctor outside of the government medical scheme. Well, under the Hillarycare proposal she concocted in 1993, if a private individual used private funds to hire a doctor to perform a medical service outside of Hillarycare, then both the doctor and the patient could be arrested and jailed. Being jailed because you dared to hire your own doctor? Again, Hillary is right. That indeed would be a bad dream; not just for some, but for many.

There are many free market reforms that could be made to our health care system that would increase competition, expand availability and decrease costs ... but the problem is that they are free market reforms. Returning free market economics to our system of medical care doesn't enhance the power of politicians, and thus it is a non-starter. The political goal here is to make people dependent on the Imperial Federal Government for their medical care. Once that is accomplished you can almost write the Democrat campaign commercials for them. "Vote for Joe Republican and you're going to have to pay for your own medical care."

I've been saying that socialized medicine in the United States is inevitable. There are two basic reasons: One, politicians want the power. Two, individual Americans don't want the responsibility. The great American love of freedom is now pretty much limited to freedoms not coupled to responsibility. Americans have been taught by the political class to believe that a person's health care is the primary responsibility of either the government or that person's employer.

Hillary also had some comments about other subjects of interest, such as trimming the federal deficit. Whenever you hear a Democrat talk about cutting the deficit, they never mean cutting spending. They mean raising taxes to cover the "shortfall." This is where you find out that there's no difference between modern-day Democrats and Republicans. One taxes and spends, the other borrows and spends.

The Hildabeast also mentioned reducing dependence on foreign oil. When a Democrat tells you this, it does not mean actually drilling for more oil here at home. It means raising the gas tax so as to make buying as much prohibitively expensive and it means pouring government money into programs for electric cars and hydrogen fuel cells. Those may be good ideas, but it's for the free market to decide, not the government.

Then she mentioned improving the image of the United States abroad. This is an easy one...this means appeasing Islamic terrorists and Euro-wimps. After all, where is our image tarnished abroad? In third-world Islamic countries where hatred of the United States is preached daily out of the loudspeakers of mosques. If you want to improve our image with these people, appeasement is the key.

Hillary's on the way, folks. You don't think the Republiwimps can stop her, do you?

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