Monday, February 26, 2007


Iran has been naughty lately...defying the United Nations and refusing to stop enriching uranium. According to media reports, Israel has requested permission from the United States to fly over Iraq on a bombing run to Tehran. We should let them.....time to bomb the reactors and put Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in his place. But the mere mention of bombing Iran sends the left into an absolute panic.

Now we hear news that there are generals at the Pentagon that will resign if we attack Iran. Why? Will those same generals resign if Iran sells a nuclear weapon to Al-Qaeda? What about if Iran bombs Tel Aviv? You don't hear too much about that. The way the media positions the terrorist state, you would think we would be bombing Canada.

And what is Iran going to do? Terrorist groups backed by Iran say that the country is expecting to be attacked...and is going to order terrorist attacks against Israeli and American interests. And by the way, Iran is a terrorist state that backs terrorist case you didn't know.

Don't these people at the Pentagon watch '24?' Evidently not.

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