Monday, February 26, 2007


A news report today says Al Sharpton is related to a slave once owned by Strom Thurmond's ancestors. Obviously, Al will now have to sue for reparations. In other race hustler news, Louis Farrakhan is calling for the impeachment of President Bush. Evidently this was Farrakhan's last speech, due to failing health. Get well, Calypso Louie.....where would we be without your racism? Anyway, back to Sharpton.

The link between Sharpton and Thurmond was discovered by a genealogist website. The media is acting as if Thurmond himself held slaves...but the once champion of segregation wasn't that old. His great, great grandfather's daughter held Sharpton's ancestor as a slave. So what will Al Sharpton do? Well, obviously since he's back in the headlines because of this news, he'll have to do something about it. Time to make some hay.

You know, Virginia has recently apologized for slavery. This could be Al's time...time to bring the issue of reparations for slavery back up. Obviously Al is owed money...there was a slave in his family! Time to cash in. If she's smart, Sharpton will champion the cause...and push for the reparations E.B.T.

The fact that Strom Thurmond's name has come up...priceless.

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