Thursday, March 08, 2007


Yet another example of why we're never going to do anything about illegal immigration in this country. Outrage is mounting because illegal aliens' children were stranded after their parents were rounded up and detained. So...we should do nothing about the problem because there are children involved? Please.

The same thing should happen that always happens when criminals are arrested and innocent children are involved: the state takes custody and where possible, places the children with relatives. End of story. This isn't rocket science here. But there are those that say the illegals shouldn't be arrested, deported or prosecuted...because there are children involved.

Nonsense. Extend that logic to other law-breakers: would you say a guy who robbed a bank shouldn't be put in prison because there is no one to take care of his kid? How about a terrorist? You get the idea. It's a sad situation...but not hard to determine exactly what to do. However, politicians eager to find any reason to do nothing about illegal immigration would seize on the issue.

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