Thursday, March 08, 2007


OK .. some of you thought that I was perhaps pulling your legs yesterday when I told you about the Hillside Children's Center in Seattle, Washington, a private school, that banned Legos. The teachers didn't particularly like the Lego city the children were building because the young'uns seemed to have incorporated some concept of private property rights in their little fantasy community. So ... the Lego community was mysteriously destroyed, and only allowed to be rebuilt when the children agreed with the teachers that the idea of private property was a bad one. Yup .. you didn't believe me. So I thought I would help you out with a few links today.

First, here is a link to the magazine cover containing the original story that appeared in "Rethinking Schools." I couldn't find my way to the actual article, so here is a link to a critique of the Lego ban that appeared in an online magazine.

The message here is that anti-individualist, anti-private property socialist dogma is not only being taught in many government schools and most universities and colleges; you can also find it in private schools ... especially in hard-left communities like Seattle.

I hope that some of you parents out there followed my suggestion yesterday: That being that when you sit down with your child at dinner one evening, why not ask them a simple question like: "Tell me, Joseph. What are you learning in school about private property rights?" You might be shocked at the answer.

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