Monday, March 19, 2007


Haditha Marine Sergeant Frank Wuterich's trial may be months away, but last night '60 Minutes' reporter Scott Pelley decided to court martial him on national television. It was one of the most outrageous displays of media bias ever. In case your memory needs refreshing, the Haditha incident was a situation in Iraq where a group of Marines, led by Wuterich, cleared a house that they thought was being used by insurgents. It turns out it was occupied by several women and children and all were killed. They've been charged with murder and their trial is expected later this year.

Wuterich says he's innocent. That the way he cleared that house was consistent with his training and that if Marines start asking before they shoot, they die. That's war...that's how it works. People die...and sometimes those people are innocent. It's called collateral damage. So anyway, all of this wasn't enough for the smarmy, condescending Scott Pelley on '60 Minutes' last night. He interviewed Wuterich and naturally, immediately took the side of the enemy.

Pelley called it a massacre...wrong. A massacre would be walking into a house, ordering everybody out, and shooting them in the head. This was a house-clearing operation, something that's done to root out insurgents in Iraq everyday. But Pelley continued his interrogation of the 25-year-old Wuterich...questioning his actions and mocking him because he hadn't seen combat prior to Haditha.

Ironically, with Pelley's interview..he may have created quite a bit of sympathy for Frank Wuterich. Just what we expect from the mainstream media...always blame America first.

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