Monday, March 19, 2007

Wake Up, Dammit!

CNN had a series of stories this past weekend dealing with the health care soldiers returning from the war against Islamic fascism (CNN calls it the "war on terror") are receiving at our veterans hospitals and other government medical facilities. In short ... it's not good.

One particular story dealt with a young soldier suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.) His efforts to receive treatment were being met with roadblocks virtually everywhere he went. On one occasion he told a case worker that he was feeling suicidal. The case worker told him that they would have a bed for him in 26 days. He was dead within a week. Hanged himself.

So .. here I am again delivering the same message again. This is the future of your medical care! If not for you, then almost certainly for your children and grandchildren!

This is the reality of socialized medicine. Yes, there is socialized medicine in the United States right now ... and there has been for generations. It is to be found in our system of military hospitals, clinics and dispensaries. I grew up with this medical care system. When I was sick my mother would take me to the base dispensary. Never heard that word? Well, the dictionary describes it as "a charitable or public facility where medicines are furnished and free or inexpensive medical service is available." Medical care was free for military families, thus the name. This has been quite some time ago, but I can still remember the excessive waits for even serious problems ... such as a large wooden splinter being driven up underneath a fingernail. Who would forget that one?.

The clamor of the people for someone --- anyone --- other than themselves to take care of their medical needs is leading us inexorably to a system of socialized medicine for us all. No, they won't call it socialized medicine. "Universal health care" seems to be the term of choice right now. But socialized medicine it shall be ... and the stories coming out of our veteran's facilities will be yours to tell in the future.

You asked for it. You're going to get it. And you're not going to like it one little bit.

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